Supporting our commercial clients’ bottom line is our primary goal for all commercial projects.  We use our experience with our own development projects to offer design ideas that have a high cost to benefit ratio.  We can also provide a sustainable design or a green design feasibility analysis to determine your project’s green potential.  Whether you are building out a tenant space, building new small or large commercial building, or even just renovating your current commercial building, our designers have the experience to create the commercial space that is right for you and your business.

Chancey Office Building

Chancey Office
Tampa Armature
Zoey Bloom

Commercial Projects

Tampa Armature Works

Zoey Bloom


Multi-Family and Mixed-Use



ULA Offices
1900 98 Sales

1900 98 Preview Center

United Landmark Associates 

Ybor Square

Ybor Square

New Port Sales Center

New Port

Hyatt Sales Center

Hyatt Clearwater

Ventures Sales Center


BVG Offices

BVG Inc.

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Senior Living