Schematic Design 

We believe in maintaining a close collaboration between the client, the architect and the interior designer early in the schematic design phase. Defining the owner’s desires at this time allows the architecture and the interior design to blend seamlessly into the client’s lifestyle.  At this early stage, the development of the interior palette is begun and large scale questions of light, color and texture are considered.

Design Development 

During this phase, refinement of the interior design palette continues.  Final decisions are made on the selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Construction Phase 

We provide full service construction documents including trim details; kitchen, bath and cabinetry elevations; reflected ceiling and lighting plans; furniture plans; and floor finish plans.  We also represent the client during the construction process to keep them informed and to help insure timely and satisfactory interior design work.


Our procurement department has experience and expertise in ordering, tracking, receiving, deliveries and installation coordination for a multitude of project types.  We use an established check system to coordinate and track both large and small procurement orders.

Installation and Styling 

As the construction nears completion, we will be on site during furniture delivery and will coordinate the placement of furniture and design elements that make the interior complete.

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